ATC Policy Changelog

Category: Divisional Policy | Middle East Division Policy



  • All examinations must be conducted with two examiners. One Divisional Examiner and one Local Examiner/Mentor
  • S3+ Mentors are certified to take the role of the local examiner up to the station they have a sign off on, and have received sufficient training


Requesting a CPT:

  • As the CPT has to be conducted by one divisional examiner, the CPT request has to be submitted by the vACC Staff (preferably director) in the discord channel (‘#cpt-request’)
  • The format should be the following:

{Name of Student} | {Date & Time} | {Position} | {Local Examiner + Divisional Examiner}

EG: Nikolas Goerlitz | 06.03.2019 16-17z | OMAE_CTR | Chriss Klosowski + Maher Abaza

  • When the CPT has been acknowledged by the Division Staff, the message will be pinned until the time of the CPT
  • This allows divisional staff to have a greater overview of current, past and upcoming CPTs




  • NILL

Assigning Mentors:

  • Mentors can be assigned by either the vACC Training Director or the vACC Director respectively
  • The minimum rating for a mentor is the S2 – Tower Controller rating as this ensures a consolidation of the basic ATC knowledge

Mentor Duties:

  • A mentor is responsible for providing resident as well as visiting controllers with training
  • Mentors are only allowed to provide mentoring sessions up to their signed off rating as long as they have received sufficient training.

Mentor Training:

  • As the vACCs within VATME should strive to provide optimum controlling, mentors will have to undergo a small training before being allowed to mentor by themselves.
  • In order for an assigned mentor to be approved for mentoring, they must first listen to a session held by a mentor with a higher rating, or a local instructor.

Eg. If an S2 controller is planning on providing mentoring sessions on GND and Dubai, he/she must first listen to a GND training given by an S3+ controller or local instructor before being approved to mentor this position on their own. The same idea applies for all positions within a vACC (exceptions – minor airports)




  • Instructors can only be recommended when they have the approvals to mentor CTR (Center)
  • The I1-Rating has to be recommended by either the vACC Training Director or the vACC Director, which needs to fill out the following:



Current Rating (Exception – SUP/ADM):

Hours spent mentoring (any position in local vACC):

Reasoning (eg. Letter of recommendation):


  • The I1 requirements will be checked by divisional staff before being assigned both the exam and the rating, if the exam was successful
  • VATME is trying to reduce the number of inactive I1 controllers
  • Instructors should maintain a regular online presence of at least 10 hours per quarter, checked by division staff on the first of every quarter



  • Providing Mentoring/Training sessions
  • Conducting examinations as a local examiner up to CTR in their home vACC


Divisional Examiners


  • The divisional examiner is responsible to assist the local examiner during the CPT (any position). The final say of the outcome of the CPT is however decided by the local examiner. Both divisional and local examiners are allowed to fill out the CPT scoresheet.
  • After a CPT has been conducted, the scoresheet must be uploaded to either discord or google drive and shared with any of the divisional staff (preferably: VATME1, VATME2, or VATME4 – E-mail or discord private message works fine.
  • The logs will be stored internally.