[VATMENA] Divisional Membership Policy

Category: Divisional Membership | Middle East / North Africa Division Policy


Membership Policy – Revision 01/2020

Effective: 20 OCT 2020

A Downloadable hard-copy (PDF) of this document is available for download.

Distribution and Scope
The purpose of this document is to outline the membership policy new and existing members within VATMENA shall follow when conducting themselves within the division or any vACC under the VATMENA division. VATMENA divisional staff may take disciplinary actions against users found in breach of this policy.

vACC’s within VATMENA may choose to further detail this policy to meet their specific vACC needs and requirements.

Exclusion of Liability
This document is for use on the VATSIM Network only and should never be used for real-world use. The information published by the Middle East & North Africa Division within this document is made available without warranty of any kind.