Egypt vACC

EGvACC or VATSIM Egyptian vACC is part of the worldwide online flying organization VATSIM, that since its creation in 2001, has over 400 000 individuals signed up for accounts, with roughly 75 000 active in the last 6 months.VATSIM stands for Virtual Air Traffic SIMulation Network and our goal is to simulate the world of civil aviation as good as possible. We provide full virtual ATC (Air Traffic Control) service to the Egyptian airports and a coordinated traffic flow to all the neighboring FIRs.

Mohamed Abd El Wahed (983152)

Egypt vACC Director

Abd-Elrahman Nagy (1039770)

Egypt vACC Deputy Director

Kirollos Nashaat (1334783)

Egypt vACC ATC Training Director

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Staff Announcement - ACCEG3

November 9, 2017

ATC/Pilot Resources


Charts should be reviewed by all pilots flying to/from airports in Egypt vACC as well as controllers in order to understand the airspace.


Pilots flying to/from our airports should ensure they have the proper scenery installed for the best experience!

Sector Files

ATC in the Egypt vACC should download the latest sector files to ensure they are able to implement all the latest procedures.


Any other resources that can be helpful to pilots and ATC can be found by clicking on the link Miscellaneous button below.

Our Controllers

The controllers at Egypt vACC dedicate their time to provide quality ATC to pilots who fly to and from our vACC every day.


Policies and procedures ensure that operations at the vACC run smooth and efficiently.